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We return!

The break didn't go as well as I'd have liked. My advice to anyone doing a webcomic is to stick with a single format and style even if it kills you.

In fact I got so fed up with the resolution problems and style indecisiveness that I've decided to ink and color every single page like this. The original pages will stay as they are until we get moved over to a custom site that can display both. I'll give progress updates too.

This is also the new page is really sketchy. My coloring skill will get a lot better, so it needs to start from the beginning in order to avoid a drop in quality when it catches up to now.

The book is postponed until all the pages are colored. By the time that happens the whole "rescue the tea" volume will be finished so it'll be thicker than it would've been.

In summary:
* New pages will be sketchy.
* All pages will get colored.
* Go buy a pizza if you were saving for the book, cause it won't be out for a looong time.


Khend (Guest):
Good to see things are moving again!

I'm actually going to miss the shifts in style and format (particularly the paint-esque style from the joke toy shop, but this includes the pencilly sketchiness of some pages, too), but sticking with just one should make things easier on you and quicker to produce, even with coloring. Speaking of which...


But seriously, glad to see you back.

Marnath (Guest):
I can't really tell whats happening in this update.


Alex (Guest):
Melody caught Moth's belt, stepped on a tripwire, and was hit on the head with one of those giant spikefruits and apparently knocked cold.

I'm not sure why they're saying that's convenient, unless it's just that they assumed Melody would keep charging forward blindly after she got the belt.

bendluck (Guest):
No, she got tangled in the tripwire, sending her to the ground, wich meant that she narrowly avoided getting "spiked" in the head. Therefore the dumb luck.

Angel (Guest):
Yay hiatus maiden failed in her evil plot to permanently hiatus this webcomic I'm so happy I'm going to keep reading it!

Author Jakes:
Good to see ya again!

there's something to continuity in style~

also: yay! new page<3

Botanist (Guest):
ya the comic is back i missed this comic so much.
hope you post again soon


Monn (Guest):
Actually, it seems like the bug just dropped the cloth, the lazy egg hit the spike ball, melody got whacked in the face with the lazy-egg-coated spike ball, and got knocked out cold, and then Tea and Moth considered it good luck

If one looks back a page, there are apparently two eggs being fired from the tube on two different trajectories. One hits the bug, the other hits the spike ball. Melody is hardy enough to survive her own clumsiness - and has the luck to trigger these things so that Tea & Moth can just sit back and fix the problem rather than trigger it themselves!