Tree 12

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This time we get to see the packbug's normal habit of stealing stuff.

We are starting preparations for the first printed book. It will cover from the beginning through Hazards of the Southern Coast, and should be available in the soonish future.


Hahaha classic.

CeeSea (Guest):
Tea is enjoying the view and unhappy that they have to get the belt back

Parry (Guest):
I want one!

All of the animals in this comic are awesome lol.

Boom, headshot.

Eldoran (Guest):
Did Tea just shoot a lazy egg at the bug?

@Eldoran That would be my guess.

Melody separated from the group retrieving the belt; perfect opportunity for an attack!

That must be a magic belt - it holds trousers up without actually touching them - I wish I could get my trousers to work like that sometimes ;)

Also - BOOK! - Looking forward to that a lot :)

isaac (Guest):
Wardrobe malfunction lol

Alana (Guest):
That's good aim by tea! how do you pronounce her name any way?

Primeval Toad (Guest):
Her name is Tea, just like the drink.
I like the bug listening to the group talking. I don't think Tea's seeing TOO much with the length of that tunic...but you never know...

pinetree not pinesol (Guest):
They could run into a crew of hillbilly pirates: Dukes of Hazards of the Southern Coast!

Did he aim with magic or is he just that awesome a shot?

dia (Guest):

Silly packbug, you're supposed to steal clothing off of the girls!

(Their clothing is usually more expensive)