Tree 11

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Ahsab (Guest):

Checking for traps is smart, Tea, but letting Melody get all of you through super-fast and unharmed (somehow) is better.

Angel (Guest):
Melody could get them through faster but tea and moth might not come out of it as unscathed in the maze moth knew the layout so could get through easy and we don't know how tea did on hers.

Just unleash melody. She will spring all the traps unharmed and you'll be there in 10 minutes xD

Globbish (Guest):
Sinuous vines, creeping tendrils, grasping roots…lots of potential for deathly traps!
I love that stone wall. What a wall.

Totally need to send Melody in the front.. while Tea & Moth hang back and follow cautiously.

that is an awesomely good question... another question is how injured was she at the end of it all ^w^