Tree 10

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I haven't been experimenting enough lately. This should fix that...

And it's early because why not.


dat hair deflects everything :U

i know this might seem unrelated and perverted, but Tea has some tig ol' bittes

Vincent (Guest):
Yeah... That isn't gonna work out, miss Sunflower. Everyone knows you need it to be at least large enough to squish people by rolling over them.

Avi (Guest):
oh oh... something to pierce Melody's hair is not a good idea. Last time she almost turned into a fountain

Glandor! Your dare betray Melody!?!?!

I thought you were a better sunflower then that. But I may just be wrong....

isaac (Guest):
Ya now that I think about anime hair it preety stiff...onless its for dramatic effect

Angel (Guest):
If a room floods from a small water pen when it hits her hair what happens if a plant seed with spikes lands in her hair?

Sir Kay (Guest):
@Angel: Unless it's a magic seed, nothing.

Then again, if it is magic, it'll probably grow super fast, and then we'll see a different kind of tree maiden. =P

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
Tea commented on her ears instead of her common is green hair in this world?

I can't believe it took me so long to get it.
Hilarious as always.

Fox (Guest):
@Quetzalrofl Using dye and make-up isn't very uncommon for religous practices for symbolism, odd yes but probably she saw it before. Now some with pointed ears, even the river maiden's didn't have pointed ears and her hair was anime light blue.

Iced Tea (Guest):
-The guy in charge of the maze-of-doom had green hair
-Moth didn't use a "water pen"; it was some sort of dagger
-I think the little sunflower girl is NOT a maiden, but something like a minor goddess; part of Tree's retinue

That is nowhere near big enough.

I expect Floranne to get rather frustrated with Melody and how she'll survive her extra hazards.

zetamaxr (Guest):
seems a normal durian is not enough for melody.