Tree 8

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Expect Sunday-only updates for a while.


Vincent (Guest):
Well, at least there's less of a risk of fire traps...


A51 (Guest):
I'm going to guess Melody is going to forget all of if not most of the advice yet still come out fine. Just seems like what would happen to her.
Besides without Melody, Salami wouldn't have a temporary mommy.

Fox (Guest):
Yeah, Melody has ninja-like agility if not their skills, it looks like it will mostly be earth base traps (rock, trees and other plant stuff). My money on her getting through while Moth and Tea are still struggling a quarter of the way through.

Iced Tea (Guest):
Ah! Nordrassil!
And look at that totally guileless face in panel #2. The Tree Goddess will love her.

Kay-nyan (Guest):
"This is really different!"

...different from what, may I ask? o.6

Is this more hinting that Melody is actually a Maiden of some variety?

Legendary Toad (Guest):
I'd say seeing old ruins overgrown with trees and other vegetation is different.
Also, if Melody were a Maiden, she'd have a Cool Hat. No hat = no Maiden.

Quetzalrofl (Guest):
Perhaps Hair Maidens don't wear hats, Legendary Toad.(See Maze of Doom 11)

Legendary Toad (Guest):
Hair-maidens and Glandor: All made up by readers. Ergo, Glandor the Hair Maiden.

actually im expecting the tree goddess to come out and just say "its been a while since i last saw you Melody!"

Angel (Guest):
If melody is a maiden that would explain why so many dangerous things she comes across don't cause her that much trouble Ex- the maze she wandered in was a death trap graduation thing she had no training but manages to get through most of it unscathed.

Vincent (Guest):
Angel: Unscathed? Did you see what it did to her hair?

... And what about the siren?

Angel (Guest):
Vincent: moth hit her with a small water pen Thingy and she turned it into a flood saving most of her hair and the siren left she got saved and gained a salami the siren can't chase her cause it got caught by pirates which where chasing melody and friends but got ambushed by the siren.