Tree 7

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1overx (Guest):
So either they succeed and meet Tree, or they fail, gain immortality, and a nice hat. Sounds like a win, win (except for Moth).

Melody is still best character.

Fox (Guest):
It also affects Tea, too. Her boyfriend-to-be would then a girlfriend. She wouldn't like that.

What would happen to Moss if she turned them into maidens? O.o


Moss? It would probably keep growing there.... Simple name problem, its Moth, lol

>.> Dear god I am stupid...


@1overx: Immortality, a nice hat, the ability to eat sunshine, the ability to transform, and the ability to set things on fire from afar...

Although to be fair tea is a mage already and winter is being trained in magic so...

Yuyuke (Guest):
Wait, becoming a Maiden is a consequence of FAILURE to pass a Goddess' trials? The plot thickens... Now I just want more info on you guys' setting!

That sunflower laugh D: Is it/she someone who failed a trial?

Avi (Guest):
muehehe.. pretty evil laugh for a sunflower :D

Iced Tea (Guest):
Melody would be fine in a trial - just look at how she took that Evil Maze back at the University.

Laing (Guest):
People, you keep saying how awesome becoming a maiden would be. Immortality, specific powers yadda yadda. But it is immortality IN SERVITUDE... Also the shear concept of "maiden" requires chastity.

Monn (Guest):
Golen or golden? o.o

Homophone King (Guest):
@ Laing
"shear concept" sounds like the name of a trendy beauty salon - think you mean sheer


So don't fall in love with a maiden
I tell you son, it's doomed from the start

You can kiss her hand, but she just won't understand
You'll only end up with a broken heart

yo ho ho (Guest):
There once was a woman named Tea,
Just as normal as you or as me.
Then her life ran afoul
Of a red-headed gal,
That nut from the north, Mel-o-dy.

Angel (Guest):
There was a young man named Moth
Who seemed quite uncouth
He left the protection(?) of his university
To teach a girl with the potential for sorcery.

I don't think that rhymes :P

So wait, being a maiden is a bad thing? I've been wondering what the deal is with the "maidens" in this comic, but everything I've seen so far indicates that it would be pretty awesome to be one.