Tree 5

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mikk317 (Guest):
GO NO FURTHER! I am a badass.

Glandor, why didn't you tell us you could turn into a pixie? 0:

iced tea (Guest):
hmmm...some type of tree maiden I'd say. Especially considering the chapter's title.

Ninja sunflower!

@Shard: Ya, Glandor, your hiding such a usefull ability, you have all this epic potential, and you dont say anything?

'None shall pass,'


'NONE shall pass.'

epic flower transformation GO!

Paracelsus (Guest):
I really want to know just ONE thing.

How do you make a dress out of wood like that? It looks Fabulous! It will surely be the latest fashion for dryads.

That flower just Evolved into a humanoid!

Nanoth (Guest):
@Paracelsus: Don't you mean... "Who's your tailor, I just love that outfit." Props to anyone that knows where that comes from...

I like this woodsprite, she cute...

Vincent (Guest):
So it's a Flower Maiden?

Fox (Guest):
Take the tree bark lines away and she is wearing Aerith's outfit from FF7!!

Tsuris (Guest):

ShadowWolf (Guest):
if you go to the end of the thanksgiving arc there is a sunflower there!

dude (Guest):
wow your right shadowwolf so he's been planing this.

Sumguy (Guest):
Go no further! I'm adorable!

Canubirt (Guest):
I want to keep her and pet her and squeeze her and name her george!