Tree 3

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Was behind from the delay caused by easter, and hit a plot snag. Might change it to the inky way later... or not.


Running a little slow but will be updated by the end of the day

I'd like to see the meeting between Melody and that book's author.

Tab (Guest):
Kaiju snail!

. . . unless it's just a big snail-shaped hill.

Well it's easy to get stumped in a forest, right? Right?

I'll be in the corner.

isaac (Guest):
Sometimes you just need achilds point of view

Wolf (Guest):
Good Melody, your so smart...

I'm trying to picture a whole village full of people like Melody...

angel (Guest):
she's a happy melody. ^_^

Tab (Guest):
It comes from living on bee milk . . . and childhood oxygen deprivation to the brain due to being strangled by her mother's braids in her sleep.

Earl Grey (Guest):
Wow, as a librarian, I've taken books with bad information out of the collection, but the Headmaster is serious. Burn those lies! Ha ha ha.

Vincent (Guest):
Makes sense.

EbonyEgg (Guest):
Those two little antene trees make the whole snail look rather adorable

Carol (Guest):
O.O Gary?!


kidney bean (Guest):
hey, is that a little house up on the snail's head - behind the antenna?

Discet (Guest):
I was just thinking, with all the epic stubble arms, what would it look like if someone had a pegleg already?

kindey bean (Guest):
who's gary?

@ kindey bean: Gary is Spongebob Squarepants' pet snail. (On the show he meows like a cat.)

kidney bean (Guest):
OK...didn't know. Never watched SBSP.