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Sad to see that #200 spot go from Webcomic List. It may be a problem with pattern matching or a shift in their secret algorithm, one way or another we'll get it back eventually ^^


Oh man, Melody is best with tea.

Sumguy (Guest):
I want that guidebook.

A book for nutcases by nutcases.

RJ (Guest):
It's The Book Moth gave her!

the golden frog (Guest):
gaaahh! I keep seeing the first panel as a big happy face...can't explain the liquid pouring out that way though...
Also, please illustrate the snail.

hot damn, i remember that book, wasn't it lent by him to melody back at the library tower?

empty pop can (Guest):
Yea, I think it's the same book. Moth seems like he hasn't seen it before..."What's this?".
Or maybe he'd just never actually read it. I'd think it was a bartender's guide by the cover.

Craiig (Guest):
Unless its one of the ones she was reading at the thieves orphanage

Angel (Guest):
@ The golden frog: easy it's a tounge licking the inside of the cup. ^_^

Vincent (Guest):
the golden frog: Cooking pot+lid, having liquid poured. It's probably to stop leaves from escaping the pot into the mug.

wurmi (Guest):
They should be happy it just tastes badly, could have poisoned themselves easily or something. Could have been hallucinatory or psychotropic. Such an careless attitude towards unknown plants.

DudePersonManGuy (Guest):
but that;s the good stuff >:D
just kidding! and tea spits really far...

Fazzey (Guest):
@the Golden Frog

That's her pouring hot water into the cup from the pot that is beside her in panel 3.

Melody is the only one who could understand that book. I love it already.

THE Golden Frog (Guest):
Yes, the Golden Frog knows it's a pot and Tea was brewing tea. Sometimes you just see things in a funny way and it's hard to un-see them.