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Monday's page might be late due to easter stuff.


...What do you suppose Melody's found...?

Greycat (Guest):
Most likely something alive and somewhat dangerous.

Making tea with Vengeance. Literally.

And I'm guessing Melody will bring leaves akin to Poison Ivy and/or Nightshade.

I bet this is the discovery of poison ivy

Tab (Guest):
"We found a strange plant. Let's consume it!" I think Melody's been rubbing off on Tea.

Stevie (Guest):
And that is how most drugs got their beginning. Just think about the first guy who tried shrooms or opium.

isaac (Guest):
I hope it provides amusing hallucinations

iced tea (Guest):
I also wonder what Melody's up to. I'm surprised they let her wander off. Can't wait for the update!

casaba melon head (Guest):
are you the easter bunny?

That's about how religion was born.
Those vision quests were vital to the early Shaman who led to the religions we have to day.
It was only recently that they turned their backs upon the source of some of man's greatest insights.
The Greeks, the Celts, the Americans, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Indians, the Aryans, etc. all used substances of that sort to bring visions.
Mainly...I think it began with berries and mushrooms.

Oh, and I have actually read several books on the history of various early and late religions, they all point this, and some have the guts to say it.
-John Matthews

casaba melon head (Guest):
...and the easter bunny??

Laing (Guest):
The easter bunny was the first pope.