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You can have it a little bit early because it's...
April Fool!


wow, i still remember last years april fools comic. it's already been a bit more than an year...

Tab (Guest):
Where's the tree?

Kay-nyan (Guest):

Alex (Guest):
Melody can still talk in that form. She just likes quacking.

Those braided tails must a b*tch fly with.

Whip the Rabbit:
This is obviously canon now. I will forever document Melody's ability to transform into a giant flying duck.

Iced Tea (Guest):
No way was Tea getting back into that costume, although I bet Moth secretly enjoys going mecha! Happy April Fool's!
So now we get to see what's up with Tree.
(an ent? a tree maiden? a giant tea tree in the sky??)

koren (Guest):
is tree going to be a new character, i can totally see a character called tree in the future

Ducky (Guest):
Hey! Where are the dragon duck's feet?????

This reminds me of the neverending story.

On another note, I've been using to know when you (and all other comics I read) update, but it's been giving a "Pattern Not Matching" error for a few weeks now. :(

Angel (Guest):
I guess things are looking up for them huh.

Sono_Goran (Guest):
Ha, I remember that. Why isn't Moth in the mecha suit?