Silver's Epic Delivery 12

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Silver is amazing.

Nachturia (Guest):
Ok, that thing is weird. But cute. =D
And that was one strongn punch. o_O

Tab (Guest):
If there were world conquest maidens, we'd all be doomed.

Wurmi (Guest):
Hey, do they recruit only girls or do they take guys too ? I want to join ;)
(BTW , is that the dreaded Yeti Melody mentioned earlier ?)

I hope she has mail for the Yeti.

Iced Tea (Guest):
Yeti recognized a Maiden and is bowing to her? I think Silver's more upset with her bag tearing than the actual assault. The yeti's kinda cute!

Tab (Guest):
The question I've had for a while is whether the Maidens have really to be, you know, maidens. It makes immortality a little less inticing.

Vincent (Guest):
Well, if maidens can't have children, that's kind of a strike against them. I have this suspicion that you might quit the job, as it were? Maybe I'm wrong, but in that case:

Be a maiden for a century or two, have a nice hat, retire, have kids with someone to your liking.

Wurmi (Guest):
You know, i think it's possible that it just wants to play, maybe it just feels lonely and it's crying now. Give the Yeti a hug.

Paracelsus (Guest):
Hmm, so the previous "Yeeee" was actually pronounced "yeh" for Yeti!

Kazin (Guest):
@Paracelsus, CAN'T UNSEE.

Rule number one: Never touch the mail satchel

aqua (Guest):
Ha! she dealt with the yeti just how melody said you are supposed to!