Silver's Epic Delivery 10

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Aww, I wanted to read the bee's letter!

bees are so adorable... in this world...

A cry for help!

Alternatively, someone being afraid of something.

The thought in panel 6 is so true :D

Fox (Guest):
Or a person waiting for a letter about to glomp a post maiden, don't for get that posibility.

Tab (Guest):
I would think that a world with Maidens would have a low crime rate. You're a robber playing tug of war with a lady for her purse when a cute girl runs around the corner and throws a bear at you.

Maybe someone whipped out a Horatio?

I bet that was a yeti!

FernsForever (Guest):
The YEEEEEEEEEEEE wail of a yeti! And, no, Silver is not "alright"...She's mentally unstable.

Kay-nyan (Guest):
( cool.)

@FernsForever there is nothing wrong with being mentally unstable in that way ^_^ besides there are some people that are ummmm well kinda like that usaly takes a rather hard hit to the head to get us to take note of it :3 its kinda funny to see some peoples reactions when you run into and hit a 6 inch by 4~5 foot roof beam hard enufe that they HEAR the impact 6 feet away and another 5 or so feet down ^_^.

DudePersonManGuy (Guest):
does the bee remind anyone else of bomberman?

...and i'm still here, just lurkin.

Hudsonsoft was kinda into bees given their original name had to do with bees and their corporate logo was the bee.

ItTisMe (Guest):
He wants to be a maiden now. xD

In pan 5, the bee's expression is so cute. - -

She can hold on to that bag pretty tight. Also, why do I feel like she left that letter some while back?