Silver's Epic Delivery 8

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Prythian (Guest):
Oh... my... god...


Botanist (Guest):
Is he Milking a Bee????

Well honey Milk dose sound good, but this hurt my brain. :(


Kay-nyan (Guest):
Oh my god. Not even omg, it actually needs to be spelled out.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? I'm seeing the same symbol from Melody's letter! It actually was an address, not just an abstraction 'cuz the artists didnt wanna ruin the surprise after all!

My mind. It... I don't know how to cope with this stunning revelation. This masterful plot twist. This... yeah, I'm out of words now.

p.s. bee cows. This world just keeps getting more and more awesome.

p.p.s. oh, and I just noticed that he used his pillow as a snooze button. XD Excellent detail work.

Tab (Guest):
He's milking the stinger. So does that mean that he is milking the bee's venom? What does he do with it?

Well that just happened.

This has to be the funniest comic I read on the internet. Period.

Smt (Guest):


Fox (Guest):
Bee milking, about the oddest thing they have done yet.
Also @ kay nyan it shouldn't be too suprising it was the address, they had the all the town names and anyother legible words done the same way. For instance the post-maiden's shrine. In this world they use glyphs or what have you to represent a play

Craiig (Guest):
Also I think the reverse symbol was also on melodys clothes in one on the beginning comics along the bottom of the coat

*snort* Bwahahahahaha!!!
This has to be the best WM page so far.

That is the best bee ever.

I want more farm-based scenes!

Winter Melody: A webcomic about agriculture.

and Kay-Nyan, you are on the right track but the orientation is important too so that isn't quite the same symbol.

"This here's ol' Beessy, she's got ten blue ribbons in the annual fair!"

On a side note, when the lady said Salami was like a chicken but cute, I hope she doesn't smother him/her like that >.>

The bees are cute! XD

Kay-nyan (Guest):
Really? I could've sworn... *goes back and reads chapter 1* Ah! You're right, the hole is on the top on Melody's letter. Huh.

...aaaand now I'm on an archive binge. Not that that's a bad thing.

Starting Melody p.34> "It'd be like trying to find a particular bee in a field of daisies."

ahaha, that takes on a whole new meaning with this page.

Angel (Guest):
The farmer boy must be really strong too pick up a beow like that.

This is exactly how honey is made IRL.

Beows... This comic continuously amuses me!

Tab (Guest):
Now I'll never be able to read about Beowulf again without thinking of bee-cows.

You need to partner with someone to make a giant bee-cow plushie.

Still not as cute as Salami.

If there's bee cows are there bee manatees?

Tab (Guest):

Anyway, I've read this page over and over again and I still can't get over it. Bee-cows . . .

Please make a scene with manabees and those water goddess women!

Angel (Guest):
I do not think their are many things cuter than salami.

Fang Shinobi:

QueenBee (Guest):
Couldn't comment for days...mind was blown away by giant bees...beeeing milked!
No...I'm still no good. All I want to do is hug a giant, fluffy bee...
What have you done to me, UberLentil???

I don't know if this beecow thing is weird or adorable

Kay-nyan (Guest):
@Firecat: Who says it has to be one or the other?

Nachturia (Guest):
So cute. I want one =D

Ague (Guest):
I just wanted to point out that we were milking Goats before we were milking Cows. There's not really an explicit connection to cows here.

We're still milking goats. Camel milk is pretty good too.

That's not where honey comes from, just so you know.