Valley of Tea 34

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This chapter changed a lot from the initial planning. The Valley of Tea never came up, so it'll probably get a new title.

The next update will be Monday, and starting a M-F schedule. Look forward to more of Silver's journey!


I got first at last!

Tea's hair looks amazing! It's unblobby :D

Salami likes pineapple. Looks adorable.

Paracelsus (Guest):
Pineapple pacifyer. so cute it hurts.

Hurray for Pineapple! It solves everything. :3

I have this mental image that they will not be so keen to let go of a siren baby. Salami would be very useful in their chosen employ.

goofus (Guest):
the... TONGUE! It is so... long... *shudder*

Sir Bacon:
You know, I just realized, for a world where people have names like "Tea" and "Moth", it's not all too strange to name a kid "Salami".

Sir Bacon reminded me, the British had such regal family names as Bacon and Cheese.

Most names in America don't originate from English so it's often odd when a noun turns up as one. Mileage varies by language of course. Names are always interesting in that regard and give a sense of place and history.

Antonio (Guest):
Nah, a lot of US names are from words, specifically professions. Cobbler, Smith, Archer, Hunter, Farmer, that sort of thing.
Also Walker for some reason. I'd kinda want to know about that one.

J.J.T.Girl (Guest):
Just because there are two-legged foxes and sierns, doesn't mean ancient angry goddesses exist...This plan has no faults whatsoever.

Ahh...So naive.

Tab (Guest):
Is this place they're headed the Valley of Tea?

Vincent (Guest):
I have come from the future! I tell you that there is no way this plan could go wrong!

darien (Guest):
pineapple yum yum yum