Valley of Tea 33

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No, my handwriting didn't improve overnight. I'm trying typed text to help alleviate some of the crushing boredom that delays pages (and the weird missing-letter typos that occur when I write).

Also trying to make Tea's hair more hair-like instead of the oddly shaped thing it's become. Melody's is the same way, but there's not much I can do about that. Any changes end up looking wrong.


I agree with the last panel!

Tab (Guest):
I don't know, falling in love with a siren might be dangerous, even a little baby one.

Salami is way too adorable.

Luciola (Guest):
@Decifer: Also! Check out Valley of tea #28

*Totally wants pudding for memory.*

Aw, Melody's not setting any thing on fire...
Salami seems to only affect girls, is it a male siren?
Everyone been calling salami "it".

is... is that really it's name now? XD

Who needs a siren song when your fluffy? <3

Guest (Guest):
Are you sure we don't need headpats? I think the plan would be much better with headpats.

Vegetable (Guest):
Is it me, or have we not gotten the name of this thief yet?

We totally need headpats too.

Headpats ftw!

And cute chickens!

@Cocytus I'm pretty sure that was really its name from the beginning.

Also, I was right! Melody is just sitting quietly reading a book. Clearly we found the best way to keep her out of trouble.