Valley of Tea 32

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Luciola (Guest):
:O I want pudding

Objection! A ball to the face is ALWAYS the solution! Other than throwing pineapples anyway...

HolidaysAreFun! (Guest):
...but how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat??!

great page, by the way!

The use of a distraction is advised in the event of any of the following:
Awkward Situations
Awkward Silences
Emergency Escapes
Demonic Duck
Strategic Withdraws
Sneak Attacks
Hiding the Evidence

anko2468 (Guest):
You forgot one
"Whenever Moth is around"

I don't see Melody, is she doing something naive\funny again?
Oh, and nice reflexes Moth...

Solana (Guest):
@ HolidaysAreFun Yesssssss! Pink Flyod FTW!!!!!!!!!!

Tab (Guest):
Hey, kid! Watch it! You could have hit Salami!

"Demonic Duck"

Ooooooo! A fellow "El Goonish Shive" fan! Me likey!

I like the pointing with stubby arms. It looks funny. Also, why does it look like there's a corpse spying from the room.

@WanderTheWoods One can only hope she's still simply distracted by books. Knowing her, though, she really could be up to anything at all, and I can think of far too many things she might do to list..

Walking on Eggs (Guest):
If the siren kid had been a little older, it could've snagged the ball with its tongue and flung it right back at the junior thief. Wham!