Valley of Tea 31

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As a side note, I have no idea why a convention that ended 4 months ago is still advertising itself but it's their money.


Sounds interesting

What a convenient encounter! XD

Not canon? :(

Seems like there's something big going on here. Practice for something important, maybe?

HolidaysAreFun (Guest):
I like the idea of ever-ice. Also, I'd like to read Melody's book. I'm trying to figure out what's going on in it.
Awesome page today!

Proofreader (Guest):
5th panel it should be robberies. Ah, set a thief to catch a thief.

Now everyone sees the typo and stopped commenting XD

Ague (Guest):
I had forgotten the whole point of this trip was to investigate the missing tea. Seems a lot has happened since then.

Tab (Guest):
Aren't the sellers of ever-ice putting themselves out of business? After all, you buy one box, and you'll never need to buy another.

Solar (Guest):
@Tab Hey, not everyone has to live where things have planned obsolescence for capital gain.
Anyway, if it's worth stealing it's probably expensive. Certainly far more costly than an equal amount of glass cubes, as it was replaced with such, and I can't imagine glass cubes being cheap.
In my opinion, that might be the best lead - find out where so many glass cubes were made.

Tea & Moth :O

Also thief lady is my new favourite character, after Melody of course. She's pretty!

I finally registered to get rid of that annoying Guest bit.

So Solar (Guest) will be posting as SolarSystem from now on! (in case anyone cares)

HolidaysAreFun! (Guest):
Looking back over it, I wonder if Superthief is behind it all? Look how smug she looks when she says her last line. Also, the victims are all male. That would make the theft extra-sweet!

Fox (Guest):
@Tab and Solar
Ever-ice probably doesn't last forever, they are just using it as a promotional tool. Also, it's easier to say than "ice-that-takes-a-ridicuously-long-time-to-melt."

Julian Morrison (Guest):
I had a cunning thought - did they check to see the rocks STAYED rocks? It's rather easy to steal something once it has been mistakenly discarded as a fake.