Valley of Tea 30

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And the update schedule will be MWF again.
Edit: Starting Monday.


Guest (Guest):
Tea: asks the question we've all been wondering
Thief: answers with the childrend's best interest at heart

Tea: tells why most people are against stealing
Thief: Politics/Corruption

Thief: retorical question
Melody: answers

Not a good day to be asking questions.

Three little kittens...
They stole my mittens!

Yay updates!
Also,for Lent I'm giving up my big list of webcomics I read and I'm only letting myself read what can fit on my bookmark bar.
This comic was one of the first I put on. ^-^

Mike (Guest):
MWF starting THIS week(meaning we get an update on Friday) or next week?

pinecone (Guest):
I want the plushies on the bookshelf!
Melody sure likes reading. Maybe she's actually the smartest of there, but just acts dumb.

Ivan (Guest):
Darnit, Pat15!

Whenever I see/hear 'Three little kittens', I don't think of the nursery rhyme anymore, I think of that darn Sluggy Freelance halloween story... >.<

Love the set up of this page.

She doesn't have a finalized name yet. We actually call her Superthief in drafts :P

I gave her a working name but uberlentil suggested more time to think on it, and working names become real ones often so didn't want it to be self fufilling.

Solar (Guest):
I wonder what kind of book got Melody's attention.

Fox (Guest):
@Solar A cookbook most likely.

Craiig (Guest):
Yep a big book of cooking sausages

John Doe (Guest):
It would be cool if Melody was actually the smartest person in the whole comic. Able to solve the most complicated maths questions and complications, but still being the most absent-minded person there is.

Spring Melody (Guest):
Superthief seems kind of like a spider. Araneae could be a good name for her - it'e the order for spiders in the classification scheme.
Please update today :)