Valley of Tea 29

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After considering the possible income of the sidestory vs the known income of the ads when updates are high and steady, we decided to ditch that plan and came up with a way to include the sidestory in the comic without throwing off the pace of events.

The schedule will resume either Sun-Wed or M-W-F. Will decide by Wednesday, which will be the next update this week regardless.


Money isn't our main concern when working on WM, but when you are looking at student loans and boring work schedules you can start to try to accelerate things. Ultimately all it takes is time and luck and we'll keep working to put our heart into the comic.

Moth, Tea: *GLARE*
Melody: *DERP*

This is totally the best place for a child to be brought up in. Nope, no way they'll become corrupted in any way~

This is an amazing comic and I can't wait to read more! :DD

It looks like those kids are having a glorious childhood.

I am a (Guest):
Finally a school that teaches kids real skills

Khend (Guest):
...where was this place when I was growing up?

DreamFlyer (Guest):
Man, I wish I could go to school here instead of my crummy high school. Darn.

Solar (Guest):
@DreamFlyer You do realize they're mostly orphans and they're probably learning these skills mostly so they can survive?
You'd think they'd make some attempt at hiding what they're learning when strangers are walking in.

Fox (Guest):
Or that the people dropping kids off here have low standards and they know about this place already.

cockroach (Guest):
Sister to the Artful Dodger - Ah, the old days in London.
That last panel: Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly...

Blargh (Guest):
Just a note for future reference.
The term is "waive"
But this page was awesome either way.
Like always :D

So many guest comments!
I guess there's something to be said for a comic that attracts out-of-site readers, however.