Valley of Tea 28

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Pearls come from rare Pear Clams (because "pearl" just looks weird when I'm used to Perl). The age of the pearl is easily determined by its color. Old pearls are more valuable. Their properties make them hard to counterfeit, unless you don't pay attention like Melody, and they form so slowly that the supply is stable.
"Pearl" may refer to the round things themselves, or their monetary value - p5 could be 5 green pearls or one blue pearl.


Only the most literal of blows will work.

Soooo.... it's been a week, have you finished your project and gotten ready to go back to the M/W/F update schedule yet? please?

@WanderTheWoods It's chapter length. It'll take at least a few weeks. We do have the basic plot done though. If it seems like it'll take too long, we'll consider 2 updates a week and a longer time till the sidestory release.

Everybody loves Melodys bonkers mind, even her!

John Doe (Guest):
I honestly believe that you should've drawn a small little circular mouth on Melody in panel 6, cos it took me a while to realise that she was literally blowing at her face.

I'm not stupid, I'm just not used to your style of drawing.

Alex (Guest):
Seems like there's a lot fewer people commenting nowadays. I wonder why.

'Course this page hasn't even been up for a full day yet but the last one didn't get many comments either.

@Decifer: If you need a point of reference, you should probably think more of rupees from Zelda than real-world currency.

The moon (Guest):

YAY!! There monetary system works like Legend of Zeldas!!!!

J.J.T.Girl (Guest):
That's pretty cute.


1: i can't believe she did that
2: i can't believe she could do that
3: i can't believe how close she is to her O.O

Paracelsus (Guest):
Question: To get a grasp on how much the Basic currency is worth, exactly how many pearls does it cost to buy a Moose that is on sale?

isaac (Guest):
In all the fictional stories I've read, I've never even thought of clever girl


swine maiden of the valley (Guest):
Hope Melody gets her pearls back. I don't like the thief; there's just something about her. Any law-maidens around??
@John Doe: I don't think you should tell someone else how to draw his own characters...

Solar (Guest):
Leave it to Melody to solve it literally and with little effort.
Although I'm pretty sure she could have landed a physical one too.

Fang Shinobi:
Melody blowing... so cute... ahahaha...

John Doe (Guest):
@swine maiden of the valley

Actually, you DO tell people how to do their stuff. Its called constructive criticism. People ask for improvements so that the audience, which is the main point of any media, needs to be better entertained.

But of course, you may be right. Since I believe Winter Melody isn't being done for much profit, but instead mainly as their hobbies. So they could just screw my general opinion if they wish.

But just sayin'. needs a small little circle to better illustrate Melody literally blowing at her.

Angel (Guest):
@ anyone who this applies too
There is constructive criticism but it can be taken too a point where it is just nagging and then people will begin to ignore what you say because they feel your just being whiny. Have a happy and joy filled day. YAY! ^~^

Angel (Guest):
Also why was melody carying a fake pearl?

She blows on her face!! Ha ha ha! This comic is so awesome.