Valley of Tea 27

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You may remember at the end of Training that the pirates set sail to Asog island. What we have planned is kind of neat, but there's really no reason to show it and doing so would interrupt the flow of the story - In other words, it's perfect sidestory material.

So what will happen is updates will temporarily slow to Sundays only, starting now, and the remaining time will go toward making this 10-20 page sidestory that will sell for something like $1 or $2. Haven't decided where yet. Maybe Amazon.


They could say that they already paid for the daycare at least...

family values (Guest):
Maybe, its cause everyone I know or related to only follow the law when its convenient, but what's so bad about thieves?

Mike (Guest):
Just print the sidestory up as a minicomic and sell it here. I'd like to buy a physical copy :)

Alex (Guest):
Unfortunately printing up books is not that easy.

Also expensive.

Yvonne (Guest):
There's a few places online where you can get ebooks 'printed' and sold. I'd buy the whole comic in ebook format!

snowflurry (Guest):
but it hurts not to have updates during the week...