Valley of Tea 26

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About the characters page, I don't really like it much. It's too much trouble to include every character, so those that do get put on it become blessed with "main character"hood, and I don't want to give any definite hints about who is or will be a main character.
So it might just go away altogether.


RL has been hitting us both hard and we're working on realigning. We'll see how things go but may be forced to alter the update schedule while we work things out.

cookie (Guest):
Melody uses door magic.

Paracelsus (Guest):
How dare that peasant door get in the way of Melody's screentime! Away with it! Also, Moth history time!

Hallo (Guest):
I just noticed that the backround for melody in the cat page is sausages.

.......why though?

Dekker (Guest):
That's the thief girl isn't it

Wolf (Guest):
If they think thats akward, wait til they show her the baby...

And thus is another door sent back to the abyss! HA HA HA!

snowflurry (Guest):
Yea, you're right - that is the little thief. I didn't notice at first. Ha ha - she's still hurting from the hit to the head. What kind of nursery is this??

isaac (Guest):
There a line I would repeat! BEGONE DOOR!

Nanoth (Guest):
Um... Am I seeing a Single Door become a Double Door here??? I mean that first frame makes the entrance look kinda smaller then the rest of the frames...

Paracelsus (Guest):
Ah, the theif! Why didn't I spot that before?

Solar (Guest):
I thought it pretty obvious that it was the thief. Well this shall certainly prove even more interesting that I thought.

Tab (Guest):
This must be one of those "we take in children and teach them how to be thieves" kind of orphanages.

giant comical bandaids ftw!

Ravenblood (Guest):
Nanoth, you can see the seam for the doors between Tea and Moth and the one door is cut off a little by the roof(opens inward away from where it would hit it otherwise)