Valley of Tea 25

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Going 4koma for a bit.


I really don't understand the lip thing as an artistic reference for overloading on spicy food. Some artistic things can be confusing. While I long ago adapted to the giant sweat drop in anime I have no reference or context for this so I'm a bit lost.

Hallo (Guest):
I'm staying away from that chili pepper.

What wishful thinking O.o I'm missing something...

OMG! A giant Melody fish!

@crystalgardian Wishful thinking that she would fall asleep.

Guest (Guest):
This doesn't make any sense, why would Melody buy peppers when there there is a moose for sale. I just don't understand her.

Solar (Guest):
Guest - because she's Melody.
She tends to choose a different path than most.

That pepper must be quite hot!

MOOSE SALE!!!!???? I'M IN!!!!

I'll take 10 peppers, and a moose to make my chili please

Zito (Guest):
octopus lips are supposedly spicy, so maybe artists started using this for comedic purpose? You know, you are what you eat.. ._.

Seansie (Guest):
I believe the lips thing comes from the fact the extremely spicy food can actually cause burning and swelling in the skin. And the really REALLY spicy stuff can cause serious pain and damage if not diluted. Most places avoid selling stuff that hot though, so it can be difficult to find for those brave enough to try it.

peppers_forever (Guest):
Crazed Pepper-Man is wearing gloves to handle his wares. That should tell you something.
I felt like flaming Melody once after eating an especially hot curry. It looked so innocent!

Guest to Crystal Guardian, In the previous page the baby fell asleep when you pet it. She hoped the same would apply to Melody, but it didn't. It was just wishful thinking.

well if you think of the habenaro pepper? eating that really will make your lips swell, i think in drawings swelling is exaggerated but yeah it does happen :)