Valley of Tea 23

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World building!
And lateness. Much lateness.


Our Demons are Different

We talked about terminology when making this and how to classify what the siren and what certain other creatures will be called. We often found ourselves making classifications of creatures but not finalizing names, like deciding to separate all animals with a backbone but only deciding the day before the science conference to call them 'vertebrates.'

Ultimately demons seemed reasonable but I know I'll be cringing because people will wonder where the horns and pitchforks are, and will presume anything that is labelled 'demon' is malevolent.

Creating a nonsense word as a new noun or grabbing Japanese or some other language are other options, but all have advantages and disadvantages. And if it turns into a big deal we'll call them something else later on and pretend this never happened :P

NAE! We shall make ours the new definition and make it so the other never existed!

Winter Melody just declared war on Dante I think....

Broseph (Guest):
What IS that thing in Melody's thought bubble?

Sir Bacon:
Or more specifically, you've declared war on "Dante speak".

i know i mentioned it before, but i think the pencil drawings are much better.

Paracelsus (Guest):
Makes perfect sense to me. Weird things from far off were always called demons or monsters on Earth. And if they were harmless demons, they were also called lunch.

Yes Melody, evolve. It's what you do when you get enough exp and--
I think I'm in the wrong world right now.

sure (Guest):
Hah! Dante won't know what hit him!

Na the Horns and Pitchfork are kinda a more recent view I think the way you are going is more or less what the ancents would have done to most any animal they have never seen befor and was REALY odd looking to them would have called it. Malevolent's is fairly relitve anyway if you think about it a Tiger or other predater that uses a few villagers and tourest as a meal from the human view they would likely call it malevolent but from the tiger's view it was simply hunting a rather easy pray animal. ^_^b

Forewarned76 (Guest):
Dante or Darwin?

Down with Dante!
Cause he's hard to read (harder than Shakespeare even).

Dante, because of the different meaning of demon here. Most people's ideas about 'demons' are 1 part Milton's Paradise Lost and 2 parts Dante's Inferno.

Anime is rapidly changing this fact of course. That's partly due to bad translation because a lot of different Japanese words that mean different things (youkai, oni, akuma etc) from their unique mythos all get collectively translated as 'demon' in a lot of subs and dubs.

That thing you do when you get enough XP to turn into a completely different creature with similar colors and elemental affinity.

Then I guess.....


Still if people truly like it, the original idea may even fade from their memory. For instance thats what happened to me with the Seven deadly sins after FMA.....

That, and im dealing with something alot closer then what you are, and it will be very difficult to show the difference....

snowflurry (Guest):
Forget demons...It's a baby flying spaghetti monster!!!

You just happened to start talking about this... on the day that I'm supposed to be studying for a zoology test about Darwin and evolution.

Fox (Guest):
No, the horn and pitchfork portrail is only recent on a world historical level. It came about from Christianity to make the devil and his followers (demons) scary to the youths of the day. But over all Paracelsus has the closest meaning, a foreign entity, different from the standard norm. (Some cultures would go and call them gods)