Valley of Tea 22

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Posting a little early since Wednesday's wasn't a real page. Enjoy, those who notice in time!


Fox (Guest):
If the daycare says "no" just use salami's cuteness on them.

Guest (Guest):
Cuteness is the only armor Salami needs!

Dudepersonmanguy (Guest):
uhm.....what is Moth stabbing in Panel 3? a feather?

He's stabbing a piece of the egg.

Kiri (Guest):
I can't see how anyone could resist Salami's cuteness.

frunsa (Guest):
panel 7 moth looks very depressed. he loves his books. im the opposite of moth i hate books and i like being hyper. more like melody as a guy. btw how did moth's hair sprang up when the words "no libraries" were said?

Tab (Guest):
No libraries--scariest thing I've read so far.

Greycat (Guest):
Salami's cuteness has overpowered the horror over the lack of libraries.

Hope the daycare has some pineapples...

John Doe (Guest):
I didn't realise what Moth was talking about in Panel 3, until I read the comments. Just some constructive criticism!

Salami armor, heh.
But no libraries! Horror!

Sono Goran (Guest):
I want some siren-egg armor.

snowflurry (Guest):
Moth's hand is seen in panel 1 picking up a fragment of the shell so I don't see why some people are confused. It's clear and well-drawn.
Melody's armor idea is awesome!

Ahsab (Guest):
OMG!!! She poked Salami!

Tab (Guest):
I just wonder if, after all that has happened, they remember that they are supposed to finding the stolen tea. I know I forget that a lot.

John Doe (Guest):
@Tab Hopefully, they finally found the stolen tea when this series finally ends, which is also hopefully years from now.

bug (Guest):
if those eggshells were really as strong as steel, id be a little worried as to the baby sirens strength

Dudepersonmanguy (Guest):
@snow leave me alone! i was too busy stairing at salami...>u<

Honestly the chick's strength seemed to have little to do with breaking the egg. It appeared as if air pressure did it when the baby started screaming.

Siren's def. have strength in the vocal department so it makes sense.

inspectorllama (Guest):
OHHHHH now I see.... Moth is picking up the egg in the first panel and in the third one he's poking it with his knife...

(salami's face in panel 3... X33 to cuuute!)