Valley of Tea 20

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A cliffhanger! And egghanger!
*spends the weekend designing salami*


You don't even want to know how the creative process for this page went :P

The urge to go back to pencil might have been a side of effect of that.

Fox (Guest):
Yeah, like noone saw that coming.

Will Salami have hypnosis powers too, or is that for adult breeding sirens only?

Phoon (Guest):
Let's just hope Moth won't be the one Salami imprints as its mother.

Now the real question is... which of the three it imprints on.

Luciola (Guest):
*Imprints on Salami* :D

I vote that it imprints on the one guy

snowflurry (Guest):
The pressurized egg cracks...funny.
Who says it has to imprint at all? Maybe it's more human than bird. Which makes me wonder if the harpy could choose to mate with either a human or a bird, depending on how she feels. If there can be giant fruit, there could be giant birds. Hmmmmmm.

Hooray for complications!

And pencil! I like pencil!

i honestly think that the pencil drawings give the comic more texture... i love it


just read through your comic, guess now im caught up. your comic is E-P-I-C cant wait to see what happens next! =D

Solar (Guest):
Oh my. Now we have a live Salami and not just an egg! Of course Tea had to say those fateful words "without any complications" (ie: nothing else can go wrong!)

John Doe (Guest):
No! I disagree with everyone else! If Salami does imprint, which I'm betting he/she/it will, than it MUST be Melody! Not Moth >:(