Valley of Tea 19

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I thought last page looked too flat, but I may have turned up the atmosphere too high. Let's just say it's smog.

...I'm noticing a trend. With pencil pages, I hate them while making them, but love them afterward. With color, I love them while making them and hate them as soon as I post them.


I like how everyone except Melody is dressed according to the weather.

Memory's just like 'lul nope not hot'.

I like the atmosphere. And I think the colored pages look better than the pencil ones.

Melody hit spot on, the Siren probibly won't be going back for at least a week. On another note, did anyone else notice the pattern on the egg?

John Doe (Guest):
Can't say the chibi characters is that appealing... but still a long time fan of WM so that won't tick me much :D

Snowflurry (Guest):
Still like the rough,pencil look better, but you can't please everyone. Color's OK.
Funny that she liked the egg from that one angle! What a goof Melody is, just driving Tea crazy.

I really like this page, kinda sketchy AND in color! A little too dusty though... if there was some wind it would make sense.

And it IS an awesome egg.

Tea isn't wearing pants... o_O

Would the Siren understand the note? Better yet, Melody's handwriting might be completely horrible, though I have yet to meet a girl with bad calligraphy here in Canada >.>

While funny, repeated blows to head cause brain damage and death.
Furthermore, she could have dropped the egg and killed it.