Valley of Tea 17

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It all started with the flame in panel 1. I thought it would look better in color on the computer, so I scanned it and sketched the rest of the page. Then had second thoughts, which ended up being 43rd thoughts as I switched back and forth between the paper and computer versions. Finally I just ripped up the paper and finished this one. Add in some classic dialog disagreement and you get the fist late page of the year!
Take that, resolutions!

But I really do like the colors, and how superthief's outfit turned out especially. So I'm probably going to color the previous couple pages for consistency....or may pencilfy this one. There's no telling.


Color almost seems like a foe that snuck up on uberlentil and overtook the page. Still I do like the look of our color pages. It can sometimes add another element of chaos in the creative process. A good encouragement to tigthen up the process.

Dialog and design are always matters of compromise. I had other ideas for the page but thought the result was a big improvement.

Not on the comic itself, but I'm picturing the 2012 resolutions bag to swing around and smack Melody in the back.

GeneralSpawnCamp (Guest):
<Ref: panel 4> Massive pear is massive.

Tab (Guest):
Wow, Moth really tried to kill that lady.

Moth keeps bandages.

John Doe (Guest):
Wait... so Winter Melody will have REAL violence? This changes the tone of the comic a lot... And btw if you ever do sell a book, colour them all this way! It fits the comic the most!

Alex (Guest):
@John Doe: The fight scene between the pirate and the siren was more violent than this.

It must take a lot of skill to climb a wall with a kid slung over your shoulder like that.

@John Doe
Narrow escape of a spear to the head, attempted headshot, tongue-punch to the throat, KO via facepunch.
WM has always had some violence.

Guido (Guest):
Looks like Melody almost lost her marbles?

Guest (Guest):
@Cumin's other ideas
Don't give up, Moth! Your knife is the knife that will pierce the heveans!!!!!!!!

timeillusion2 (Guest):
Like the web comic so far keep up the good work

frunsa (Guest):
if you look there are no marbels and such and also were did she get the marbels? or candy... idk which either way those colorful balls came outa nowere. forshadow?

This is one of those changes to color thing combined with us not using a lot of exposition on the world. They have shown up before but not in color. See A Starting Melody 7.