Valley of Tea 16

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This won't end well.

Dudepersonmanguy (Guest):
Hey! i didn't know that moth knew bound sword.
.......moth for dragonborn


frunsa (Guest):
whats in the sack that the girl goes ...?? obvoisly something wierd i wish to know o.o

Solar (Guest):
This is Melody we're talking about.
It could be anything at all. Maybe it's Salami?

snowflurry (Guest):
Yay! You're back from break!
Giant-Hand woman will be no match for Moth and his magic dagger.
@Decifer: Plain old salami would have to be trustworthy, but Salami is the siren's egg.
(I still don't think Melody took the egg!)

Angry Moth. Very angry.

frunsa (Guest):
bad thought crossed my mind the lil girl is in a position that gives me dirty thoughts and the fact she has a mini skirt (maybe) on doesnt help :P also if you look at melody knocked out with that woman standing melody's legs are spreded but when moth looks at melody she has her feet closed...

I love this comic so much.

Moth should hit her with that giant olive perhaps?

Apprentice Maiden (Guest):
That would go against the whole character of Winter Melody

@snowflurry: If melody did NOT take the egg, then who is looking after it whilst the siren is training to be a pirate pet? That's what makes me certain she took it.
And then wrapped it in trustworthy sausages to keep it safe, obviously.

Airodin (Guest):
When Moth frowns...
Hell hath no fury...