Valley of Tea 15

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Happy 2012! Luckily we still have several months of comic time before the Apocalypse of Ducks.

In keeping with the tradition of making goals to forget about later, I resolve to:
- Keep a regular MWF update schedule
- Be less picky about art (looser and sketchier)
- Be more consistent with style

I'm also thinking of making a little winter melody game, or maybe a collection of minigames if I can't think of a big one.


Macavity (Guest):
Happy 2012 to you, also... And again your comic simply amazes me. The details are fascinating, the artwork stunning (I especially like Panel 4. It's just ... dynamic) Plz keep up the fantastic work... ^_^

P.S.: First this year... yay

A WINTER MELODY GAME?! I would sure buy that, if it went in the stores.
I was sure I got first this time...

Sir Bacon:
Stop, bop, and roll.

Hmm... I think the chaser got you...

Happy New Year! Welcome back, and good luck with the M/W/F.

Love the look of today's chase scene. Impressed by the awesome pear as well (although Apocalypse of Ducks sounds even more awesome).

Paracelsus (Guest):
Thou shalt not steal Melody's awesome stuff!

You could have a series of mini-games for each maiden faction. Use the games to expand the Melody world you've already put a good deal of effort into building.

A Winter Melody game? I imagine a 2d side-scrolling platform game where you try to catch the thieves in the least amount of time possible. Then proceed to beat them the living hell out of them with awesome martial arts moves.
What? I'm insanely violent. Don't look at me like that.

Canubirt (Guest):
big fan of your work so far! hope to see a book to buy at some time:-}

ORIONmech (Guest):
Is that... a giant pear?

J.J.T.Girl (Guest):
@ ORIONmech

Of course not, that would be silly. It's just a Pyrus Enormigus.

DemonHunter1980 (Guest):
I could see the Winter Melody World being an open ended game like Skyrim with the vast world youve created so far it would be AWESOME

fruit bat (Guest):

I like the simple sort of 'bop on the head' method of knocking people out.

Seems useful.

Stick (Guest):
Sounds cool! A game would be very interesting. ;)

Would love to help with it if you don't mind. :P