Valley of Tea 14

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It's now Moth's turn to carry the giant olive (which doesn't look so olive-like now)!

This is all till the new year. We're taking the next two weeks off. Have a nice holiday!


Should I be afraid of Melody's freakishly angry look? Because she (he? I forgot already 'cause I be dumb) looks PRETTY pissed.

Hell knows not the wrath of a Melody scorned

Melody's a she

Oh god she's mad

Griffionday (Guest):
Love the color in this one.
My, Melody's red eyes do make her angry look more potent.

Have a wonderful holiday yourselves.

Whip the Rabbit:
That little muskrat! Kick his/her rear Melody!

Ahsab (Guest):
Years of watching anime made me think of one thing and one thing only upon seeing panel 7 and that is, "Sharingan!"

I love, love, love the coloring of this page.

Fixed the "6" in her eye, as well as the knife's missing handle.

Sapphire (Guest):
Taking bets on how quickly that armour comes chasing after Melody.

"No, we do not permit nailing children to the wall by their underwear."

Parry (Guest):
Most people would keep running if someone is chasing them, I would just stop, turn around and say "Sorry. I must have taken this," and give it back. Why? Because, I has a shield!

Isaac (Guest):
Hmm, wonder if there's another weird job for the armor store

Also happy holidays to you! Cya in 2 weeks

Solar (Guest):
Stole from the wrong girl.
This one's not gonna let it go... and she'll find you no matter where you are.

John Doe (Guest):
Wow... Gotta praise the comic artist! This colour combination fits the comic better than the other art styles shown before!

By my count, which is probably off due to the mind-numbing nature of counting, there are 3,876 digits in winter melody so far.

Binome (Guest):

Frosty's Melting (Guest):
That armor....I want it. Isn't it a Samurai design, but in steel? Yow.
Oh hey, to Decifer: If you'd read more manga, you'd see lots of people drawn in the simple style Uberlentil uses at times.This guy is a manga artist, not a comic artist. My theory is he's one of the studio guys doing something fun on the side for creativity's sake.

@Frosty's Melting
Ha ha ha, I wish :P

One when they're little wavy tentacles, five when they're being realistic. Anything in between is usually due to a hand viewed at an odd angle.

Miera Sheighani (Guest): I the only one looking at the knife, and thinking if it's shaped that way the dull side's doing the cutting....? -_- probably...

ah well, this seems like a better colored style for such a thing, everything's cool so far, really enjoying this I am~! ^^ :D