Valley of Tea 13

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I think the clothing industry (actually about all industries) would be much better if they produced a few well known models. Your favorite shirt tore? No problem. You know it's a whatever-brand T88, which have been in production for decades. The shirt you buy is identical to your old one except maybe it's a T88.1 and they've fixed a common issue of the elastic going slack or something. You could even take an existing shirt in to the tailor to get an update applied.


"goddess-neutral" ?

Oh god these jobs.

Parry (Guest):
I like how Moth doesn't even look towards the naked girl. It proves that he is AWESOME.

Melody's face... O.o

rummy tum tum (Guest):
...Melody on the other hand...I love that expression when she's checking out the "new boy".
I agree with Uberlentil about clothes. I had favorites and they don't make them anymore!

Okay, that job I do not want.
Also, yay sketchy-ness!

Guest (Guest):
Clerk:"This is the latest version of our popular 'ringy' model, it's just like yours only it has a design on the bottom unnoticable in this panel"
Moth:"Even though I am currently wearing the exact samething now, please embarass a new employee by making him wear this."

Seriously though, that is an interesting concept, it sounds nice, but it would slow down the creative destruction of the market and our advancement as a society.

You may have noticed some people wearing clothes with goddess symbols on them. Basically, some goddesses don't like each other, and you wouldn't want to accidentally wear a "I <3 Fire" jacket to a Water maiden party. The circle design isn't a symbol, so it's neutral.

Tantor (Guest):
I love Melody's expression in panel 7

Yeah, it is kind of too similar, but maybe the new one is made of cooler cloth.
And the new one has shorts, which are comfortable and easy to wear!

rummy tum tum (Guest):
@ Decifer
In panel 1 and 4, Moth is holding Melody's hand so she doesn't run off again. Just like you should always hold a little kid's hand in a crowd.

This page made me ROFL! XD That was soooo unexpected! Then again, the egg store had a human test subject! XD
Awwww, cute, Moth's holding Melody's hand~<3

MrTT (Guest):
You know what, I would rather do that then your average IRL menial job...
And some non-menial ones too if it paid well enough (which I kinda doubt)

People in this town must LOOOOOOVE all of the various jobs like egg tester and manikin xDDD
so enthusiastic~

...... okay.... I'm now convinced this is slavery! No one would take a job where you're treated so badly by their own free will! *looks at the wall-mart* .... touche.....

isaac (Guest):
Not a bad job...on less you have insecurities

John Doe (Guest):
So it isn't weird that Moth is holding Melody's hand and walking into a clothes shop? Besides that, I love the creativity and ideas in this comic! Also, every one of your art styles look fantastic, but they don't fit the nature of this comic. Thankfully, you are just experimenting and change art styles often, which is actually fine by me.

MrTT (Guest):
Why would it be weird that they are holding hands?
People will just assume they are a couple.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
XD LOOOOOOOOOOVE Moth's "um......suuuuuuure. No more of this, you sold me" sort of expression in his comment XD yay for ". . ."s lol

Jacob_Rain (Guest):
ok this world has the coolest mythology ever 0.0

Sumguy (Guest):
@MrTT: If Moth wasn't holding Melody's hand, she would run off.

guest (Guest):
I feel sorry for ANY Guy that works there.

Vincent (Guest):
@uberlentil: A thought occured to me. Maybe the the pattern has some arcane/divine properties which makes it cooler? Basically, cool without being dedicated to a specific goddess.