Valley of Tea 12

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Not entirely random this time. Practicing for an upcoming chapter that will really need color, but also just playing around with the acrylic tool in Sai.


Lol pathetic

Fox (Guest):
True, but Melody wouldn't be melody otherwise.

The second I saw "Toys" I had a feeling...

Tab (Guest):
I don't like the way this looks. Cartoony anime characters don't translate well into a more three dimensional style. Winter Melody is currently my favorite webcomic, but this has always been my number one complaint about it: the frequent style-shifts.

That's one thing that will probably never go away completely. I get bored and there's so many ways to draw things! Charcoal and watercolor are on my list of things to try too :P

I'll do what I can to help reign uberlentil in as much as possible :p

WhiteWitch (Guest):
It looks great! Sort of dreamy-looking. True, I wouldn't want it like this all the time, but the WM Spirit is still there. Artists aren't machines; so be polite and get used to variety!

wow, love the colouring style 0.0 so vivid

lol at Melody, really good with the finger trap thing, like the guy in the background just killing himself laughing like i did XD im crying.


Actually I doubt I'll be doing it like this again. It took at least 6 hours >_>

But really, with lip definition like in panel 4, time is no object.

Oh wait, it's never an object, just an abstract physical property. It might also be a goddess.

I know how to solve that puzzle thing because of Dexter's lab xD

mm, such a marvelous and intricate trap, i don't know how to... ... oh... wow >.>

Alex (Guest):
The shopkeeper laughing hysterically in the background just makes it all that much more awesome. XD

Ooo color!
And style-shift!
I still like the first style best though...

I never realized how thick Melody's eyebrows are. :3

Parry (Guest):
Love this style of art!

Kay-nyan (Guest):
@Cumin: goddess, huh...


Time maidens. It needs to happen.

Alex (Guest):

Only if the Time Shrine is bigger on the inside...

Night (Guest):
And the maidens get to have sonic screwdrivers. :3

Gonna half-agree with people here.
I wouldn't like to see this all the time.
But I do like the style changes.
... Actually, it might be because I like the style changes I wouldn't want WM like this all the time.

Didn't really think much of it until now, but FLCL is coming to mind.
And FLCL was effin' amazing.

Hikawa Kajinendo (Guest):
*GASP* You don't know how charcoal can be used for drawing?!... Granted, it's likely not the black lump you're thinking of. Most charcoal I know comes in a pencil-like form. I use it for my life drawing class! Xd
Of course... I'm not sure how well it will end if it's used to draw a WM comic... >>
By the way, this coloring method was... interesting. Neat, but I agree with all the others that I wouldn't wanna see it like this ALL the time. XD

John Doe (Guest):
I think the colour style kind of ruined the joke for me... Even though it is pretty.

Solar (Guest):
Yes, Melody is very much the type to get caught in a finger trap.
That's awesome!

I agree with the comment of it being dreamy-looking. Was actually my first thought when I saw it - wondering how is it we're entering a dream sequence suddenly.

Funkyleetdood (Guest):
Gotta say I disagree with people who don't like the style of this page, I think it along with all the other style changes look awesome. But if we all agreed on everything it would be a pretty boring world :)

I don't dislike the art style persay, but Melody's eyebrows kind of look odd in it.

I know they're supposed to be big but they're kind of lost in the sea of her hair at this point.

Miera Sheighani (Guest):
XD hahahaha, awesome comic, as always! :3 I have to agree, the style is a touch different, but hey; as long as you're having fun and don't burn out again it's all good =^.^=

is it just me, or does Melody's eyebrows....SHRINK....when she's being oh-so-serious about being stuck as she watches Moth oh-so-carefully get her fingers out?

and I never expected red eyes....with her extra magic, I half think she's not all human.... o_0 lol

and on time maidens; if they get screwdrivers, do they also get "magical" phonebooths? although if they don't have phones I suppose that's a touch problematic... :D

.....TARDIS-carts? ^^;;

..........Moth almost needs a sweatdrop in that last panel...that or I watch WAY too much anime XD

Phenylalanine (Guest):
I have to say the frequent shifts in art style are one of the things I like bout this comic. It shows your are still growing as artists. Never be afraid to grow and learn.

Even Penny Arcade tries different art styles occasionally.

Golux (Guest):
Thank you for the style shifts, it's part of the reason I read the comic. Melody would find the unchanging sameness of a hardwired style Boooorringgg.... and would probably leave.