Valley of Tea 10

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Those eggs better not be high in Cholesterol, because constantly having to test those can't be healthy. XD

I always thought that being a clown was the only option of work when you take Clown College until now...

Love love love love love love love this page! <3 I lol'd for three minutes xDDD

"Test Here"

Worst/best job ever.

how is she so clean before if she is the test dummy D: she must have to take a lot of showers :D LOLz

"can i see the duration of this?"
"until just now"

o.0 Wha...?

isaac (Guest):
Wow that looks like a terrible job...wonder if they're hiring? XD

imachrismoose (Guest):
This is a good one! I wonder, how much do they pay for that job? And how on earth is she still clean? I bet the eggs evaporate.

Loose Tea (Guest):
Melody's like a two-year old wandering off. I do feel sorry for Moth!

John Doe (Guest):
Hey where can we find the Thanksgiving specials again?

Thanksgiving special is right before the valley of tea, one chapter back.

@John Doe
It's one chapter back.

Parry (Guest):

er... I'm starting to wonder if those are slaves.... I mean the one at the docks and now the girl getting the eggs tested on her? either the jobs in this place suck or it's slavery

ah the tester is probably an intern at the alchemists and magical supplies depot.

Slavery, huh?
I guess you could say this place is a little...

But seriously. Look at the name of the place. Something HAS to be up.

ozone brownies (Guest):
When you're in that town, just don't eat the deviled eggs...or any eggs!

SilverLion (Guest):
I guess that in this economy, ANY job is better than nothing. Would that get on the show 'Dirty Jobs' or whatever it's called?

IMNC (Guest):
Duration of what? It's an egg. You eat it.

Solar (Guest):
For those not getting the egg thing, go back a bit to where Tea & Moth rescue Melody from the siren.

Lazy eggs will knock you out. She had cheap ones that didn't work too well before and now it seems she's found good ones!

Oh, and finally we see more teleportation!

And you thought your job was bad.

This made me laugh out loud.