Thankful Turkey's Quest 5

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Well, this special took more time than I planned, but it was fun. Next week will start the M-W-F schedule. I'll move this story between the end of Training and the start of Valley of Tea too, so it's not in the middle of things.

Also, Coo isn't talking. That text bubble tail above her is for Melody.

Thanks for reading!


She went for the watermelon? I thought she loved the pineapple! She's cheating on the pineapple with the watermelon Xd

why do i feel this strange feeling inside my chest when i see that tongue of hers?

Kay-nyan (Guest):
I count 6 tails, so if Coo isn't talking, then... the sunflower is?



Avi (Guest):
Nice one, but... is that Sunflower talking?

kay-nyan was faster, but only a few seconds.

Archivar (Guest):
Your live stream was very interesting.
Was that the first live stream with a colored page?

I really like how Coo and the turkey are colored.

The sunflower talking? That is the crazyest thing I ever heard!

There is a flea on the sirins wing, and THAT is talking. THERE IS SHUDDUP!

inspectorllama (Guest):
That tongue does NOT look right.

GrueZ (Guest):
Hooray for breaking the 4th wall!!

Solar (Guest):
That tongue still... too much.

John Doe (Guest):
omigod that tongue... the first time I saw it... First the statue, now this -.-

TwinnThunder (Guest):
@Kay nyan and Avi
The maiden never took away the turkey's ability to speak, she just gave him/her the knowledge of the readers.

Melody's red eyes are.... creepy. and her pupils are vertical.... she's defiantly not human...

They look vertical here but they're not meant to be. Only the siren has odd pupils.

Uhm, yeah...
Melody, Moth, Tea, the turkey, and pirate-lady.
That's 5, Coo can't talk. (says author notes)
QED: Sunflower is talking. That's where that other tail's going.

O.o this might sound weird, but i really want to a bunch of stuff to that tongue... it's so long and smooth and thick! O.O

Tab (Guest):
Oh, wow! It's Floranne! Spoiled months before her actual debut.