Thankful Turkey's Quest 1

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It's a week long holiday special!
Let's see what everyone is thankful for.


So yeah, unfortunatly I'm from Canada and this is kinda irrelevant to me now.
So yeah...
Good luck, food!

Just don't say "yes" if someone invites you over for dinner...

I'm thankful for having eaten your brother *smug face*

Nah, I kid, we don't really celebrate it here. Only a day off -.-

Sir_Kay (Guest):
Oooh, holiday special! Awesome! From the monologue in panel 2, I gather they don't celebrate Thankgiving in Melody's world? At least not by eating turkeys. Good luck, [s]sausage[/s] turkey! (No strikethrough tags? lame.)

Also, we learn more maiden types, yay!

chips and dip (Guest):
How do you get a turkey to look so smart?? That pat of the knowledge maiden's hand really worked! He almost looks...noble.
I know someone will be thankful for sausage!

Let's see how long he lasts XD

Knowledge maidens... awesome!

LOOK, a magical talking turkey!! we'll have a magical thanksgiving!!! get it!!!

...I don't know if it's the bookmark proximity or what, but seeing this made my mind go straight to Question Duck.

Drakanor Dream:
I feel sorry for that Turkey ...

isaac (Guest):
Well, I can see this wont end well. But i didn't say it wont be entertaining :D

3 : 1 that they want to eat him afterwards.

Her, you mean. Observe the sleek hen-ness of the turkey.

Willy Wonka (Guest):
I get the feeling that this jive turkey's quest will lead him to danger. As for thankful, I am thankful I have a job when so many have been laid off/fired.

Tab (Guest):
I was wondering if we could get a rundown of all the types of maidens there are, or do the authors just make up new types as they need them?

Whip the Rabbit:
Pft, that poor Turkey was freaking out for a second there. >v>;

Freyas Treasure:
I'm thankful for wonderful artists who put their wonderful comics up for other's enjoyments and go through the labor of making them so wonderful.

John Doe (Guest):
I actually mistaken the Turkey for a Duck at first. Hope Melody does so too :)

Momo (Guest):
If a turkey jumped out at me like that, I'd be running the other way. KYYYAAAAAA!

Julian Morrison (Guest):
How many kinds of maidens are there? And I totally want to be a Knowledge Maiden.

Sir Bacon:
"unfortunatly I'm from Canada"?

That poorly worded phrase is just asking for a Canada joke to be made in response, but I'll let it slide. For now...