Valley of Tea 9

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So laaaaaaaate!
I tried to do it in pencil first, but it's too frustrating. And then all those people and buildings and stuff... Need to have an arc in the Backgroundless Mist dimension, populated by Myst maidens who poke everything in every possible way hoping something happens...


...You become immortal when you're a post maiden?

Airodin (Guest):
Totally beocming a post maiden!

Paracelsus (Guest):
And nobody mention Melody's little slip there. Or else you get no faithful sausages. No faithful sausages for you!
Being selected for the work of the gods is just so awesome. You get a cool HAT!

Is it just me or is that fountain a duck?

*Looks at last panel*
Oh that's much better

TwinnThunder (Guest):
Looks like a duck to me, too.

John Doe (Guest):
Had to read this page twice to notice Mr. North in panel 3 spinning in circles.

Hey! Post-maidens! Let me be one TOOOOOOOOOOO!
Or else I will annoy you to death! Com'on, please? I wanna walk across lakes!

On the other hand the immortality makes sense when you think of thatpost-maiden who killed a bear in just one hit!

Sausages are not food.
They're trustworthy companions.

Harleaqin (Guest):
As always, cute, loveable and awesome...

P.S.: "Don't get hot" ? Hmmmm... *speculating*

P.P.S.: Noooooooooorth!

well, she's certainly hiding something...

what?! immortality?! exciting career?!....... O.O A NICE HAT!!!!! sign me up!!

Hmm (Guest):
I'd like to sign up for the general speculation about Melody not getting hot.
Also, she has (apparently) unexplainably huge magic affinity, is careless, hyperactive and pretty lucky.
Anyone else think she's a Maiden of some sort?


Also, are her packages for the same place as the other ones? Because I'm thinking she could just scream "I have a delivery for <place>!" and then the Post Maidens would part the sea of people and get to her.

tall mocha (Guest):
This entire page is awesome! It's funny that for a micro-second I thought the fountain was a little more...phallic, shall we nature. I'm SO glad it's a giant duck!!

@tall mocha
Indeed. It's a bad angle for it. Now that I think about it, if they're walking nooorth, it should be facing left anyway. I'll probably redraw it.

Aw, I was looking forward to pencil.
Also, if the girls get to be maidens what do the guys get to do?(besides becoming Turnip Head "guards")


I can go without that. I just want the nice hat. xD

She's an eyebrow maiden!!

Solar (Guest):
I love how sausages are a category all their own, separate from food.

Also, cool hats are the best thing ever.

Parry (Guest):
Moth:... You're hopeless...

whipped cream (Guest):

Frestus (Guest):
I like the guy Going nooooort in the background of the third panel. Guy sure does like his cardinal directions

does any one think that melody is some kind of maiden?