Valley of Tea 6

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Best guard.

I LOVE Tea's outfit~!

Tea is tying the boat up? I thought she couldn't tie! And that guy is a freaking giant!!!

Though note she's tying it like you'd tie your shoes and not using a bowline :P

Mike (Guest):
That man's eyebrows rival Melody's.......This can only lead to trouble....

Hah that guard isn't going to matter much if the boat floats away thanks to poor knot tying skills.

Necros (Guest):
Maybe Tea thinks it is a present and is putting a bow on it

John Doe (Guest):
If Tea did manage to tie the rope properly, I'd be disappointed cos running gags are always funny. Would like to see Tea's lack of rope-tying knowledge to be a running gag.

Whip the Rabbit:
Not an actual comment on the comic, but awesome new avatar! :D

I think the fact that Tea is tying a bow is a pretty good sign that her rope skills have not improved much...