Valley of Tea 3

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Sorry for the delay. I unexpectedly stayed up the whole night watching Marcus Miller videos on youtube. Also thinking about it, 9 am might be too early for most people, so I'll see how 6 pm goes this evening... after I sleep z_z
The page is up!
Let me know if you prefer this time (or another time) to the morning drawing.


she looks so much less uptight when she's unconscious.

SevyTehSavvy (Guest):
Normally 9AM isn't too early for me, I've just been asleep for 2 days.
6PM... I might be late, but I can probably be there.

SevyTehSavvy (Guest):
Yep... I was late.
Oh well, it was fun.

Edit: Not seeing my post.
Livestream time again!

After watching this on livestream I shall never look at a page of WM the same again.

I'll take two of what she's having