Valley of Tea 2

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Don't drink too much, you'll be even more thirsty.

Emily and the Oracle:
@Shard: She's saying, "it's salty" not "I'm thirsty" xD

iced tea (Guest):
I want to make a Melody outfit. Her clothes look really comfortable. (when dry!)

Whip the Rabbit:
I've only just noticed; Her eyesbrows are HUGE. XD

i love her big brows :'D

then wet her hair is shiny ... *stare*

Her eyebrows have grown since the beginning of the comic :P

Amarao (Guest):
Just so her eyebrows aren't pieces of nori pasted up there!

Fazzey (Guest):
Moth seems to be having too much fun with her. >_<

.......... Moth's name is Moth.......
.......... Tea's name is Tea.........
Moth's profession must have something to do with moths since Tea is named for the drink her family serves
*Yes I'm just picking up on that*

the way she's getting up... thexthy~

Some Guy (Guest):
Moth's face looks exactly like Brock's when he's hitting on a girl.