Valley of Tea

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I'll just leave this up over the weekend to make you all speculate like mad...


... YOUR PLAN SHALL FAIL!! I will not speculate!! ..... I bet they find the tea in this chapter, DAMMIT!

Mike (Guest):
@Tsuris I don't even need them to do the chapter! Tea's RIGHT THERE! :D


John Doe (Guest):
I don't get why everybody likes the "old style". I just love the pencil sketches and I like seeing how the comic is drawn. And having the comic update every weekday is just a bonus win :)

I see more giant bananas :3

UberBanana (Guest):
...and now we know where that giant banana came from! This is wonderful! Thank you, UberLentil!
As a OnePiece fan, I wonder if you were influenced by its cover art. And on that note, Tea is the strongest because the octopus is drawn to her!

I will never get over how much I love your art style.
The way it blends beautiful imaginative imagery and simple characters and designs is just... awesome.
It fits the story so well!

SevyTehSavvy (Guest):
Kay. Crazy-speculation-guy go.
Giant fruit... Penguins... Surfboard...
You're going to bribe penguins to surf?
And is tea trying to do that magnify-sunlight thing to kill that octopus-or-whatever-it-is?
Hmm... What else...
I think I see a cloud that looks like a snake wearing a paddy hat... armed with a sword... maybe a dog? No idea.
Maybe it's just a cloud... But it could be a symbol!
Pirate penguins fight dog wielding ninja snakes while being bribed to surf!
Yeah, I've lost it.

Broseph (Guest):
Those look more like kiwi-penguins to me.

Congrats on 666 fans!

Zero (Guest):
By the looks of it I'm guessing they'll get shipwrecked and then set up a tropical paradise and then find the tea and then build a makeshift boat home.

Gelrir (Guest):
I don't think Moth is making a boat, it looks more like a surfboard to me.

SevyTehSavvy (Guest):
@Gelrir: Already said that.
It's in there somewhere...
Under all that crazy...