Training 9

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Posting the sketch because I couldn't get in the mood to finish it today. Since the buffer has run out, I'm considering streaming the page creation on livestream or or something, if there's any interest.

I May reduce quality to this level to maintain 5 a week. There's just too much story waiting to be gotten to to slow down.
Got the inked version done and posted.


oh! neat!

Can't she at least put on more clothes when above deck? I mean, I understand wearing that in her bedroom, but up there?!

@Tsuris How on earth did you get here before me? I was here litrilly SECONDS when it was posted.

can't wait to see the finished version

That be a cool stream to look at :3

I totally DON'T have a TARDIS!!
I'm also not a ninja XD

Okay I think that the Maiden may have just strong armed the Princess. She can't remember the thing about the silence collars..... so they need to make a detour? funny...
I really like the second panel, they way the princess is sitting with the shadow on her face is pretty cool

Khend (Guest):
Pirates know how to bargain.

And the high seas have a very relaxed dress code.

anendlessvoyager (Guest):
I would rather see fewer comics with the old style than more with this. While this style isn't all too bad( it still has good clarity of form, but it lacks a certain character,) I truly loved the old one. It added a great deal to the flow of the story.
I was always a great fan of the excellent inking and use of gray-scale in this comic, and would be sad to see it gone simply for the sake of more comics.
Though another thing you could do to speed up the story is to just make it into a novel. You could even make it an illustrated one.

Inky Quill (Guest):
I have to say I agree with anendlessvoyager. I would love you to go back to the previous style and post less often. It's what made me want to check back every few days. What you had before was unique and beautiful.

I also like the old style much more. While I really like seeing a new page every weekday I think this style has less Winter Melody-ish-ness than before. The current style isn't really BAD but the older style was just so much Winter Melody-ish. If you know what I mean.

Magnor (Guest):
I'll break my lurker status to chime in with the others - I'd rather see fewer updates at your older quality than see the update per day with sketches.

Your story is interesting and I'd love to gobble it up at a page a day speed, but your art is just too interesting and fantastic to be an acceptable price to pay for that.

last panel: LOL
Is that the siren's outfit that mop girl is wearing?