Training 7

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Tsuris (Guest):
...... ooookay..... she's got a ring gag with a cork in it then.... and is treating her like a dog...... this can only end in hilarity she's not very creative is she? I bet she has a dog named woof.... or bark....

I foresee problems with this plan.

Ohhh pirate, you so stupiiid.

The gag has is a ring for the cork...

GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU VILE VILE SEXY PICTURES! Gyeagh, I'm supposed to be better than this!

Watch, I'll not make a dirty joke in the next sentence.

Yeah I bet you got a treat for her.


Tsuris (Guest):
sure you are.... I wonder how fun it was to draw THIS page XD


Tsuris (Guest):
I have a feeling that the next few pages will be... thank you fan-service!

I'm sure she expected that to happen. :3

BApp (Guest):
Hmm... The siren is probably still upset about melody, it is probably going to make training her much harder than the captain thinks.

pff XD your awesome~

Whip the Rabbit:
Really, this is just asking for an adult-rated alternate ending Dojinshi. >w>

Julian Morrison (Guest):
Poor siren. Somebody should rescue her egg!

Solar (Guest):
This just sooo seems somewhat.. wrong. Alternate endings are so easy to speculate on. >.<

hee hee I doubt that this will end well for our pirate.... character.

Jacob_Rain (Guest):
that is the most amazing piece of pineapple i have ever seen 0.0