Training 6

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New outfit time!

This page was pretty fun. The stuff in a room tells a lot about the owner, so we gave it a fair amount of thought (plus the more there is, the less wood grain I have to draw!)


Tsuris (Guest):
Ball gag... see THAT'S what I thought she meant by training...


Actually [spoilers]it's a big cork[/spoilers] :P

No clue what kind of training this is but I'm fairly certain I want to see it now :|

Tab (Guest):
What's this comic rated again? I feel like I'm up past my bedtime.

SilverLion (Guest):
Megane-san there is a kinky pirate captain isn't she? I mean, ball gags? That's seriously pervy right there.

beToiba (Guest):
Who else has thought of "Pulp Fiction" when he saw that gag? xD

It maybe be kinky, but it is also a pretty effective way to prevent her from singing.

... ... ... well, helloooooo... XD

Wolf (Guest):
Interesting... I love the fact they dressed her in pirate clothes to. But this is prolly not going in the direction we all think ( pray) it's going...

...*Punches myself in the face*


Iced Tea (Guest):
Next scene...the captain gets knocked through the door when Siren-girl uses her UNTIED legs and feet to KICK. I love these moronic pirates!

to much yuri (Guest):
Am I the only one who remembers that awesome tongue and how much fun one could have with it

Jacob_Rain (Guest):
1) ball gag
2) tied up
3)dressed differently
4) bottles of black liquid
5)picture of naked woman in woman's room 0.o
6)naked woman -.-
7)evil glint in naked woman's eye (you see it in the last panel?)

Mujaki (Guest):
I'm surprised they got that top onto her, over the wings.

Guest (Guest):
If she's there and Melody's sailing away, what's going to happen to Salami?

Tsuris (Guest):
Wait.... What about the egg?

Marnath (Guest):
Is that Link's shield on the wall?

MrTT (Guest):
Her poor egg :(
Without someone to keep it warm, it will die.

Choco (Guest):
Wow, That has to be as close as you can get without being perver--
*Spies painting on wall*

Azlanfox (Guest):
The harpy looks nice with her hair down.

Davraz (Guest):
Out of curiosity is the broken sword on the wall a reference to Pirates of Dark Water?

Tsuris (Guest):
to be honest when I first saw this comic I thought it would have something to do with Pirates and Ninjas... BOY WAS I WRONG!

I've seen this movie. This is the part where she pulls out the meat cleaver and the seasoning.

Splox5 (Guest):
I didn't think anything was suspicious about this one, the cork makes sense what with her being a siren and all, until I noticed the painting.


Sometimes, a picture of a naked woman eating grapes is simply a picture of a naked woman eating grapes. And sometimes tying someone up is simply just tying someone up.

And sometimes it's the set up for a creepy creepy German horror film.

Herbal Tea (Guest):
Please...please do not do this again. From the very first panel of this comic series I have appreciated it for its endearment and modesty. I know that as an observer my opinion matters less than those who construct the narrative, but I can not help the feeling that any immodest displays only reduce the greater value and readability of such a fascinating collection of visual art.