Training 5

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Hey look, I remembered that the ship has ladders!


I was visualizing a roundhouse kick when I scripted this page. The result uberlentil drew is much better. +20 collaboration XP

Next update will be Monday and from then we'll plan on posting each weekday.

Moth... didnt get hurt? Not even his hands?

Tab (Guest):
You can't be a complete tomboy without knowing how to fight.

Dawn (Guest):
Looks fairly close to what a proper kick should look like in the end. The foot on the ground should be pointing straight away from the target and the kicking foot should be rotated a little more so the heel is above the toes... But a fantastic job anyways!

Mike (Guest):
Aaaaaand cue the Roadhouse/Family Guy jokes :/

Hopefully most of the people viewing right now will stay. You guys deserve more views. Have you considered joining more comic directories, like Comic Hovel, Comic Basement, Webcomic Ranking(this last one is a Japanese site, so might wanna get a translator for it) and so on? The more you guys are on, the more people view :)

Wheel kick?

...That'll look so awesome when she has braids.

Whip the Rabbit:
Why is tea holding a chicken? Did I miss something? XD

Go Melody~ :D

Wolf (Guest):
That was well exicuted. Actully, since it is Melody thats prolly her first time doing that.

The G-Man (Guest):
Awww, Moth was pleasently suprsied, but I was still expecting him to end up in the water:)

Kicking Kicker (Guest):
Dawn the Kick-King. It looks like a perfect Melody kick. Since when are all kicks exactly the same?

Parry (Guest):
I was expecting her to kick him in the balls.

Melody (Guest):
^ Parry
That would be cheating! :O


It may be cheating, but it's damned effective and surprisingly easy.

Dawn (Guest):
@Kicking Kicker: Most kicks taken in their static forms actually do look the same in the end. It's the movement to where they end or the point of contact that makes them different (and usually gives them Different names).

Herbal Tea (Guest):
A very nice page. I also was convinced that Moth would be flung into the sea by some yet to be revealed power in Melody. Considering the last panel in the last page, though, I still wonder...

Also, hurrah for ladders!

wow this may be one of my favorite pages yet, it looks soooo pretty :D

Tsuris (Guest):

TwinnThunder (Guest):
And fight!

@Shard yeah that would be could with her braids, but also lethal. Remember her mother? Think of the damage she would be doing!

Ahhh I love this comic! :)

Broseph (Guest):
@Whip the Rabbit: That is the avian formerly known as Birdball, due to Melody's excessive enthusiasm in putting bandages on it.

EarlGrey (Guest):
Turning side kick, by the looks of it. The kick hit with the full bottom of the foot, wheel kick hits with the heel of the foot ;)