Training 4

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Alex (Guest):
This won't end well.

i lick the new (Guest):
Few times can you see the exact moment things went wrong

Moth, you fool.

Tab (Guest):
The animals in this comic are rather clingy, aren't they?

isaac (Guest):
He's gonna regret those words

Parry (Guest):
@isaac: Yes, yes he is.

TwinnThunder (Guest):
Yeah, I be thinking the next comic they will be fishing Moth out of the ocean and bandaging him into a ball next.

Captain Ghost:
This cannot end well. At all.

Mike (Guest):
Famous last words.....

In other news: COO!

Solar (Guest):
Oh boy.. I just love her expression in the last panel.

@TwinnThunder So you're suggesting that we're going to have a Mothball? Hmm.. I wouldn't put it past Melody.

@Twinn & Solar: Why are you suggesting EVERYTHING needs to be a ball? Maybe he'll become a MothCUBE or a MothPYRAMID >.>

famous last words... and the birds back :D

Freyas Treasure:
I have this weird feeling that she's really agile and fast and magically gifted...but has suckish strength. It's just this weird vibe I'm getting...

Tea Biscuit (Guest):
I like that: a Mothball! Melody's super-cute in the last panel.

Ultima the God: