Training 3

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Greycat (Guest):
And so ends the era of bird ball. It was great while it lasted though.

im going to miss that bird ball...

Tab (Guest):
The ball may be gone, but it looks like the core may be sticking around for a while longer.

Herbal Tea (Guest):
Back to simple, non-violent, strips of comic. What a relief. The Medicine Ball over the bird was very amusing. Strip number fourty-three, Silver's Epic Delivery 2, panel four, is still among my favorites in all of Winter Melody.

Also, the team-work displayed on the previous page was a nice touch. Regarding that page and this page the more that I see of the sailing ship's design the more that I am impressed by it.

Thank you for making Winter Melody.

jhonny (Guest):
not sure if its normal, but silvers delivery 2 in the drop down leads to slivers delivery 3, where did the second one go?

^ jhonny

That's a quirk of the chapter system and Silver's delivery things being interspersed with the main story.

Uberlentil is marking the pages like Silver's Epic Delivery is a whole chapter. Part 1 has the first two pages, so Part 2 starts on page 3

Tea Biscuit (Guest):
That bird is very plump.

Solar (Guest):
That boat doesn't seem well suited to having a cannon on board.

And why are we putting Melody's magic training on hold? She has plenty of raw power...
hmmm.. She seems to have decent control over her teleportation ability. Why couldn't she control other attempts at magic?

Sola-the Sunreaver (Guest):
Hey guys, just wanted to drop in after staying quietly and observing the comic. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm sure you get these sort of comments all the time, but I just had to add one more to the pile. Every time i read it(I re-read it about once a week :) ) Seeing Tea's shop just makes me want to sit down with a cup of tea, and my friends say I drink too much of it already... You've probably stated this loud and clear in huge bold letters across the screen and I'm just to dumb to notice, but where can I send you fanart?

Just send us an email with it attached. The email address is below the comments (