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It turns out I overestimated my speed, so we won't be doing the ten page chapter a week thing, but we WILL be releasing a page EVERY WEEKDAY!

This first week being an exception, the new schedule will be M-F, and I'll try to post a non-plot color picture or sketch on Sundays. (Somewhere. Probably my long-forgotten dA account. Will decide by the end of the week.)

There's also a new banner, and the revival of the twitter account ( so we can inform about delays and stuff without having to post a delay page.


Ya saw that coming, great page though, poor bird....

Whip the Rabbit:
Hammers are everywhere, don'chu know?

Solar (Guest):
One should always carry a hammer. And a crowbar. And rope.

Kay-nyan (Guest):
^ and don't forget a towel!

Mike (Guest):
Easy there guys....don't take this too far.... I'm all for more updates, but it's not like this comic is your breadwinner. If this gets to be too much, you should go back to the previous schedule, or something similar.

loco 4 (Guest):
I kinda wondered why not just do a page a day instead of ten a week. Mangaka get paid and a staff and still have a hard time making deadlines sometimes.
But anyway good luck love the comic no matter how u update

Tsuris (Guest):
HAH! Melody still has the bird in bandages under her arm :P

Ahiru (Guest):
Best banner ever.