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What's this, you say?
In short, we're trying out posting a whole chapter at once, and this is its cover.

In long, posting a page at a time influences the story in subtle ways that we'd like to eliminate by switching to weekly chapters. Of course there's a chance you all might not like it, or that my hand will explode from the friction of 10 pages a week. So this chapter will be a test.

The current goal is for it to be finished next Sunday.

Also I'm going to carve a pumpkin tomorrow. If I succeed in making a Melody, I'll post pics!
Edit: Melodykin failed. Her hair is too weird.


This is mostly an experiment on how we draft and organize our plot, and hopefully leads to more overall content.

Ultimately can't have large progress without a little disruption to the status quo. Let us know what you think.

Well, since you update a page a week anyway, why not a chapter a week?
Siren looks cool.

Mike (Guest):
I'm behind you guys 100% so long as the comic keeps updating, so go for it :)


you'll probably need it.

Luciola (Guest):
You can do it Uberlentil! ^_^

Guest (Guest):
Σ(゜д゜;) 10 times current page output!?
I'm all for more content, but if your hand explodes, there's always the option of increasing page output at a lower rate than 10 times your current output, say, one chapter every 2 weeks or something. But really, to be willing to try and increase page output so dramatically really shows how much you must love making comics/drawing and I support your attempt.

GO FOR IT! d(>w<)b

Solar (Guest):
Why not aim for a daily page instead?

I'm a little creeped out by the siren on this page.

Is it the tongue curls?

Parry (Guest):
The question still stands: HOW DOES SHE GET DRESSED?!

Balance (Guest):
It kinda looks like melody has wings too lol.

Tsuris (Guest):
That is one strong tounge... Also NOT what I thought she ment when she said training AT ALL.

Furry (Guest):
mike(guest) thats what she said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solar (Guest):
Yeah.. tongue curls. Just so...